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DANALAC Goat Milk Formula Stage 3

DANALAC Goat Milk Formula Stage 3

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  • TOP NUTRIENTS FOR YOUR BABY’S PROPER DEVELOPMENT – 13 Vitamins and 12 minerals. prebiotics (GOS / FOS), DHA / ARA, Omega 3, Omega 6
  • PALM OIL FREE, GMO-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE – Also, there are no artificial flavours or colours, no artificial additives or preservatives
  • LOWER LACTOSE THAN COW MILK – Goat milk has less lactose helping your baby with more comfort having less digestive problems
  • DHA & ARA contribute to the development of the brain and vision organs with helps from iodine, iron and taurine. Additionally, folic acid maintains functional integrity of nervous system & optimises cell growth
  • GOS & FOS help digestion & prevent infections. Goat milk is less allergenic & more digestible creating softer curds in stomach with short & medium fatty acids helping easier digestion


DANALAC infant goat milk formula is manufactured using specially formulated and developed combination of ingredients to suit to specific needs of babies.  Goat milk replaces any part for which traditionally cow milk is used. The formula is suitable for babies from newborns to three year olds in three stages.

For Strong, Healthy, and Smily Babies

Second only to mother's own milk

DANALAC is our proud answer for all proper development of the babies.

DANALAC's three stage formulas fulfill just the right amount of nutrients and vitamins required to make a great, healthy, and smiling baby.

Goat milk is unique because of its easy digestibility, its high level of important
nutrients and its deliciously mild taste.


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